When I came out, my mom told me no one in my family would accept me. She told me she would fix me, that I would get help. She told me I was too pretty to be a boy. When I came out the boy I’ve loved for 4 years came out as bi. We’re dating now. He told me, “You’re a guy?” “Yes.” “Well, that makes me bi then.”

February 8th, 2017  

When I came out, I could not wait to tell the nearest person to me, which was my older cousin. She actually helped me through the coming out process, and I was so excited and I came out to my friends the very same day. Most of them knew or suspected. I lost a couple friends but they aren’t real friends. And my dad is anti-gay but I do not care. Live your life the way you want to and don’t let anyone bring you down. 16, gay, male.

February 7th, 2017  

When I came out to my mom and dad they blamed my cousin (who is also a lesbian). I wish they’d accept me but they don’t so for now I’m living with my grandparents. (13, female, gay)

February 6th, 2017  

When I came out it was at dinner with a couple people I know. One of them didn’t react at all. I think deep down she kind of already knew. The other got very uncomfortable and quiet.

February 3rd, 2017  

When I came out to my mother last night I feel relieved knowing her reaction towards me wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I recently came out to my friend who I trust the most. At first she never believed me but when I finally convinced her, she promised to give her full support. :D. 15, bi, male

February 1st, 2017  

When I came out, I came out to my friends first. I was falling madly in love with my best friend, and she knows it too. We both like each other and are currently trying to work this all out. I’ve told my parents, but they aren’t taking it all too well, but as long as I have her none of this matters. (Female, bisexual, 16)

January 31st, 2017  

When I came out, I had an awesome, positive response. My super flamboyant male friend was like, “I’m bi…” right as Algebra was starting, so I couldn’t even talk to him, but afterwards, I was like, “I have a secret, too,” and I explained that I was nonbinary and attracted to girls. He thought that was really cool, and now we are even closer than before! (FtNB, 13, Gyneromantic / Gynesexual)

January 30th, 2017  

When I came out, everyone accepted me. I loved seeing all of their reactions, and what they said to make me feel good about myself. I’ve come out to most all of my friends, but not my parents yet. 🙂

January 27th, 2017  

When I came out yesterday I told my best friend since elementary school over text. He basically said we’re dogs for life, we’ve been through everything together and he doesn’t care who I’m attracted to. He actually congratulated me for finally figuring myself out and having the courage to be honest. I told my dad over text today and he said he loves me, I can call him anytime to talk about anything and that he’d text me later when he got off work. I still haven’t told my mom. Bisexual, male, 23

January 26th, 2017  

When I came out, I did it to all my friends first and they all reacted really well. They all accept me. My two best friends said they already knew and other friend said she suspected. Then I came out to my sister and my two cousins (we’re really close) and my sister said, “Oh really? Wow. Well… Okay,” and my cousins looked at me and said, “OK,” and then continued talking about which food was their favorite. I love them all.

January 25th, 2017