When I came out it was at a sleepover with 4 other friends, and one asked me if I was actually gay and I said yes. Then he asked if I came out to my parents, and I said no and he said he was honored to be one of the first I told. It was the best feeling I’ve ever had after I said yes and they were accepting. Unfortunately I don’t think my parents will be as accepting. (14, gay, this happened yesterday)

October 24th, 2016  

When I came out, it was during a vacation to the beach. My parents and I were at a restaurant, talking, having a good time. Then I started to ease in to that sentence we all know about. I told them I was asexual, and the only thing that came out of both of their mouths was “No. You are straight”. We’ve never talked about it again. (Asexual, Male, 13)

October 24th, 2016  

When I came out to my best friend, she was scrolling through Amazon and said she would buy a shirt that said, “Nobody knows I’m a lesbian” so that the guys would leave her alone. So I went like: “Hey, you know what? I could actually wear that shirt.”

October 21st, 2016  

When I came out to my mother I was sitting on the couch. She asked me if I like boys and I said no. Then she started comparing me to our neighbour, who is gay. That was really awkward, but I’m happy she stopped asking about boys now.

October 20th, 2016  

When I came out, my friend and I were walking to 711. She said the word “straight” and I couldn’t resist making a gay joke. Waiting to come out to anyone else until I have a reason to (ex. I start dating/get married, another opportunity for a pun pops up) (17, she/her, lesbian)

October 19th, 2016  

When I came out to my mom, the conversation went as follows.
Me: “I’m bi”
Mom: “That doesn’t surprise me. Me too.”
Best response I could have wished for ^^

October 18th, 2016  

When I came out to my best friend, I knew I had to do it. I let a slip of my tongue by hinting about my crush on this guy and she asked, “Ooh so I see you like him,” and it was pretty obvious but I denied it on the spot since I wasn’t out yet but two days afterwards I came out and she wasn’t surprised but instead she felt bad that she thought she was the one who made me doubt my own sexuality, No, kiddo, I’ve been gay since I could remember hahaha. At least I have her support.

October 18th, 2016  

When I came out, it was first just to my friends. They were really cool about it, and more than one has come out since to me. About a year later, I told my family, who were all much the same in their response. In fact, when I told my mom, she laughed and told me that she’d had a girlfriend in college. I guess I didn’t need to worry nearly as much as I had! (14, bisexual female)

October 17th, 2016  

When I came out, I posted an Instragram of me wearing Bi Pride colored lipstick for National Coming Out Day. My sister walked out of her room a few minutes later asking what this was. I explained and she started sobbing. She kept proclaiming, “You’re not bi! Stop saying that! I know you’re not!” She then proceeded to tell me that I can’t possibly be bisexual and have a healthy relationship with God because “the Bible tells us it’s a sin and you’re choosing to do this.” I left and stayed the night at a friend’s house, and now we barely speak to each other.

October 17th, 2016  

When I came out, I was with my friend at my house because she rode the wrong bus home. We were in the basement playing on the Xbox and I said, “[Her name], I need to tell you something.” She said, “What, do you have a crush? Are you moving? Are you coming out?” (We have this running gag that I’m Lady Lesbian.) I said, “Actually yeah, I’m bi.” Then she came out to me as bi right after! (12, bisexual, female)

October 14th, 2016