When I came out to my friend, I just quickly blurted out I was gay. She then told me it was a phase and a story of her being molested because she thought I was gonna molest her. She was the first person I told. We don’t talk anymore. :(

March 3rd, 2015  

When I came out as ftm transgender, I first told my sister. I asked her what she thought it would be like to have a brother. She immediately thought that our mom was pregnant. I laughed, kinda nervously, and said no, you already have one. She hugged me and said, “Good, because I never wanted an older sister, only an older brother.” I was a little hurt, but it made me feel good that she accepted me as a guy.

March 2nd, 2015  

When I came out, I was poking my friend’s cheek. My other friend screamed, “STOP POKING HER CHEEK OR PEOPLE WILL THINK YOU’RE A LESBIAN!!!” I was pissed; it was pretty narrow minded of her. Eventually I forgave her. I said, “Remember that time I was poking her cheek and you were like stop poking her cheek people will think you’re lesbian? Well, I actually am.” She was surprised and so happy I told her.

March 2nd, 2015  

When I came out, I came out to my gay best friend. I wasn’t happy with myself for being lesbian. I had always been told that homosexuality is wrong (it’s not), and me and my friend would spend every Friday night together talking about LGBT+ and what it means. He also taught me to accept myself for who I am, not what society wants me to be. I was finally confident with who I am, and was ready to come out to everyone. Me and my friend made an announcement during an assembly, and I came out to everyone.

February 27th, 2015  

When I came out, I came out to my best friend. She is very religious, and I had assumed that she was homophobic. Turns out she wasn’t. She was very accepting of who I am. She said, “God put everything on this earth, meaning that the gays are here for a reason. That reason is to teach everyone that love is love no matter what.”

February 27th, 2015  

When I came out to my mom it took me more than forty minutes to just say one sentence.

Me: If one day I came up to you and said, “This is my girlfriend”, how would you respond?

She laughed.

February 26th, 2015  

When I came out as a lesbian to my friends I was nervous and scared as to what their response would be. But they were nothing but supportive and my best friend even came out as asexual. I still haven’t told my parents, as they’re very homophobic, but I’m glad to have such supporting people in my life.

February 26th, 2015  

When I came out as MtF trans my brother screamed, “I HAVE NO BROTHER!” After a few seconds of stunned silence he continued, “So, what’s up, sis?”

February 25th, 2015  

When I came out, it turned out I was too good of an actress. Both parents didn’t believe that I wasn’t a man at the time. My dad still doesn’t, almost four years later.

February 24th, 2015  

When I came out, I told my parents first. I felt like they needed to know. Ever since then, I always hang out with my dad because my mom wasn’t too happy with me. I eventually just gave up on her and stayed with my dad. Now we drink, check out girls, and party together.

February 23rd, 2015