When I came out to a friend of mine, I did it over text. He replied back almost instantly with “Ehay” and texted, “Just as long as you know you’re in the friend zone ;)” It was such an amazing relief that I could not stop smiling for a while after that!

July 22nd, 2014  

When I came out, I was extremely nervous. When I told my sister, she was really excited! My brother was totally understanding and my mom has been really supportive. My dad is getting used to the idea and I now have a beautiful girlfriend I can be proud of :)

July 21st, 2014  

When I came out as bisexual, the first person I told was the person I fell in love with. He’s a beautiful human being and inspires me to be strong.

July 18th, 2014  

When I came out I had told two of my closest friends and they were both fine with it and then I felt like I had to tell my brother next. I sent him a video in an email titled, “I’M GAY” by Grace Helbig and he came in my room and gave me a hug and said he loves me. He’s gay as well.

July 17th, 2014  

When I came out I told my friend in the park. She said okay and threw a cake at me. We had a food fight and she just told me we had a gay fight, and that’s how she came out to me :)

July 15th, 2014  

When I came out it was at my friend’s birthday sleepover party at 1 in the morning. We were playing Marry F*ck Kill and my friend gave me 3 guys. I killed one, then said, “Can I have girls? I’m lesbian.” They said, “Wait, really?” I nodded yes, then they gave me girls.

July 14th, 2014  

When I came out as asexual my mum said that it was the best thing for a 15-year-old to be. I’m not sure if she fully understands it but I can live with that.

July 11th, 2014  

When I came out as transgender for the first time, my best friend’s initial reaction was, “Do you know how much that’s going to cost?” I believe I have told everyone that I have come out to since, because of how funny it is now. Obviously at first I was like, of all things to say, she says that. She accepts me completely and our relationship hasn’t changed.

July 4th, 2014  

When I came out… I set out all of the pots and pans my family owned on the counter. I placed a sign saying, “Surprise! I’m straight…. STRAIGHT UP PANSEXUAL!” When they came home, they first were shocked, but accepting.

July 3rd, 2014  

When I came out to one of my best friends, she asked me who the lucky girl was. I was so nervous to tell her, but it didn’t even phase her train of thought. Relief poured over me and I filled her in about the girl I was talking to.

July 2nd, 2014