When I came out on my Snapchat story for National Coming Out Day, I only thought my friends would see. Turns out, I forgot to block my cousin from seeing it, and she found out. I told her not to tell anyone in my family, and I was extremely shocked and surprised at her acceptance for me, since she’s Catholic, and I thought all Catholics condemned homosexuality. She told me that if I wasn’t ready to tell my family, that I should take it off my story, because “Social media travels fast.” I have no idea how many friends saw the post before I took it down, but I’m ready to come out again if I need to. (15, Bisexual Female)

May 8th, 2017  

When I came out I told three of my friends. After that all four of us have become even closer as friends. Later I told my parents but they didn’t take it so well. After coming out I realized that I had feelings towards my straight best friend and told him about my feelings.Then he told me I knew it was not going to happen and that I should not worry because nothing would change. (Gay, 17)

May 8th, 2017  

When I came out to my mother she told me she would always love me no matter what and that it’s my personal choice. Later the same day, she talked to me and convinced herself I couldn’t be gay and that it was all a joke because it was not accepted in her religion. Deep down I know that she knows it was true and that she has always known it and is just in denial. (Gay, 20)

May 5th, 2017  

When I came out as a lesbian my mom asked me if it was because of peer pressure. It’s been almost two years and she hasn’t talked about it since.

May 2nd, 2017  

When I came out I was staying with my cousin, who I have been very close to since birth. When we stay up late we end up talking about serious things. I just said it. She was totally cool with it. I’m not sure if she completely understood it or if she even considered herself an ally but she was okay with it. I had been dropping not-so-subtle hints over the past few months so she had kinda figured that I wasn’t straight. -A pansexual, non-binary pal

May 1st, 2017  

When I came out I was at an amusement park. My mom has two children, and my brother is gay and came out a year ago. I asked my friend how my mom would react if she found out both her kids were gay. She got the message, and it went well.

May 1st, 2017  

When I came out, I felt such a huge attraction to girls. Almost always falling for girls. I fell for a straight girl in 7th grade and guess what happened, she spread rumors. And pathetically, it was over email. I’ve learned my lesson that I shouldn’t do that ever again. (Genderfluid 16)

April 21st, 2017  

When I came out to my mom I was 15 and she said: “At least I know you won’t get pregnant soon.” Then she told me she wanted to meet my girlfriend.

April 20th, 2017  

When I came out for the first time it was to my best friend (she is a girl and I’m a boy). Since I had already tried so many times, I told her by text I needed to talk about a secret so she went mad and the day after she came at my house. Before I could even speak she told me: “I have thought about this for long and I’m afraid that you are going to tell me you are gay. Is it true?” I said yes and that I had wanted to tell her for long. She started to laugh, then turned angry and told me: “Why have you waited for so long? I’ve always wanted a gay best friend!!”

April 20th, 2017  

When I came out, it was May 2015 and I was on holiday with my mother, in the St. Kitts. We went to a restaurant together and a female waitress appeared to like me. My mother said the waitress has no chance, as I’m straight and have a boyfriend. I said, “She’s right, the waitress has no chance because I love my boyfriend, but I’m not straight.” My mother looked shocked and confused. I wanted to put her mind at ease. I simply stated that I was “Pansexual” and wasn’t with my boyfriend because he’a a man, I was with him because I love who he is as a person. She didn’t comment further and appears to accept it.

April 19th, 2017